Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Second session for tonight, and we are now in a slap-happy mood. I found a funny cat video and I can't even watch 15 seconds of it (without sound) without struggling to keep my laughter hidden behind my laptop. Here it is...maybe you guys can watch it and won't get in trouble for laughing in class.

Anna just sent me an IM that it is set to a jazzed up classical piece, so it might be funnier without the music.

About the heartbeat...

Anna and baby Tigger had their second prenatal today, and we got to hear the heartbeat!! Yeah!! It wasn't quite as life changing as maybe I was expecting, but it was comforting to hear it. YES, there is a baby in there and YES, to all accounts, Anna and Baby are doing well.

I guess that right now, I am feeling relieved. Relieved that we heard the heartbeat. Relieved that the Dr. is ok with no immunizations. Relieved that Anna is doing well and her nausea is going away. I know that all of this is more real for Anna in some ways because it is her body that is actually changing. I'm sure it will become VERY real to me when I am handed a screaming baby in about 6-7 months. :-)

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  1. LOL! Yeah it's a lot more real when you get woken up at 2am to make a bottle ...