Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Acceleration of a Mouse...

So it's Wednesday night and again I find myself sitting in a class where the teacher is reading AT us instead of teaching us. Right now he is reading notes that he took while reading the textbook himself. LOL, the class next to us just started watching a video, and the sound is coming through the wall. It is too muffled to really be understood, but it is joining with my teacher's voice into a monotonous monologue that seems to be grabbing my eyelids and pulling them shut.

So what about the acceleration of a mouse?

Engineers can be comical people, but they often don't know it. For instance, a discussion that I overheard last week was entirely serious, and yet I found it hilarious. Three engineers were discussing speed, and one engineer was arguing about how fast he could run.

"Yeah, but you can't catch a mouse."

"Well of course I can catch a mouse. I'm faster than a mouse!"

"Being faster doesn't have anything to do with it. The mouse accelerates faster than you..."

Now the "discussion" is heating up with the second engineer exclaiming heatedly "It DOES TOO have to do with me being faster than a mouse. If you lined than mouse and I up in a 100 yard dash I would most definitely win!!"

"I'm not talking about a race, I'm talking about acceleration. It takes an animal 6 to 8 strides to reach full speed and the mouse can take those 6 to 8 strides much more quickly than a human can."

By this time my fellow engineer friend and I who were eavesdropping were hiding our doubled over laughter behind our computer monitors. Who in a WORLD argues about the "acceleration of a mouse"!?!? You can't PAY for entertainment like this!!

Sad thing is I understood and agree that a mouse accelerates faster than a human. Relatively.

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  1. LOL, that's hilarious! Sad thing is I can totally see the whole argument ...