Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, we are here in Cancun...and I am TIRED. The last 2 days have been great, just trying to relax. Yesterday was perfect for swimming, and yes, of course, I got burnt. See facebook for pics. :-) The story behind that is we thought we would be smart and only take carry-on luggage. Actually t worked out very well, except for one tiny detail. You have to have everything in small clear plastic containers...including suntan lotion.

So, we brought plenty of sunscreen, but yesterday I thought I was applying 70 SPF...when actually it was 30 SPF. So yeah, I'm a nice lobster today. I've had lots worse though, this honestly isn't too bad. I can still wear a shirt comfortably. :-)

Today it rained, so we had some bigger waves and I really wanted a boogie board to go ride them but they wouldn't give me one, rats. Oh well, probably for the best since the undertow was pretty strong. Hope it isn't raining tomorrow, we are supposed to go touring some ruins.

Went shopping yesterday too, that's a trip...everyone lies and tries to get you to buy their stuff. Needed a beach bag and ended up paying $20 USD, about $240 pesos. The guy started out wanting $400 pesos. I still think I could have done better, but I am not the world's best bargainer. It's still fun though. :-) Everyone who comes down here will certainly get a lesson in learning "No". Jim Carrey would go broke in a New York minute down here.

The hardest part for me is trying to de-stress. I am finding that you get in the "mode of stress" and even on vacation you can find things to stress about. Even though they are small, I find myself blowing them out of proportion and worrying entirely too much. I think I need to just sit for a while, no conversation, no books, no tv, and just stare at the ocean and or the stars..."finding my center" sounds so new age, but there is something to it that connects to "Be still and know that I am God" that resonates in all humans.

So far I have done pretty well in food choices, and not going back for seconds. I am allowing myself some dessert, but by no means more than half a serving. The drinks are nice though and kind of serve as my dessert. :-) The red wine is super strong (had that with my New York Strip tonight) but after a few glasses doesn't seem too bad. :-P Actually haven't worked out yet...but I have been keeping busy and active, that is for sure.

Right now I am sitting in the bar listening to the's a girl on the radio singing "YMCA". It's cracking me up...

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  1. please don't have stress when you're in CANCUN! do you know how much we all envy you right now? ;)