Monday, June 22, 2009

First Post (Duh, that's retarded)

I am fat.

OK, not like super fat, but I've got some of that spare tire stuff going on, and I want to get rid of it. I can blame it on school and work and the associated stress of not knowing from month-to-month if I will have a job.

Right now, I do have a job, but I'm furloughed. Basically, I get four weeks off unpaid (I haven't been there long enough to have vacation to cover it) but the great state of Kansas is going to help me through this time. Speaking of which, does everyone realize that unemployment benefits are considered taxable income? WTC!?!!?

Back to the fat. Gotta work on that. That's one of my goals during my break. I'm going to try two-a-day workouts, eating uber-healthy, and getting enough sleep for a change. I also have sundry projects that I want to work on, and I want to have devotions every day.

Goals. Need them or I will come to the end of four weeks and look back and wonder what the heck I did for two weeks. Thus the purpose of this blog, to catalog my activities and keep track of my progress.

Fitness Goal: Lose 10 pounds by July 20th. Bench more than 175 lbs. Lose inches off my waist (not sure what a reasonable goal there is but I want my pants to fit comfortably again.)
Starting Measurements: Weight, 179.2 lbs. Waist, 37 in.

Spiritual Goal: Memorize Psalm 18. I love that Psalm because it talks all about how we can do the impossible with God's help.

That's it for now. I'm going to start tackling my list.