Friday, April 8, 2011

I am an engineer...

So, Thursday night my wife and I went out to dinner. We really needed a date since I have been working overtime and that means less time with the family. During the course of dinner, we talked about my job and why I am working overtime.

"I have a bunch of drawings that I need to get done."

Blank stare.


So, I asked for a piece of paper and a pen and started to work through a simple air conditioning system for a car. Switches, valves, wiring, fans, etc. The I started to detail what I needed to know/investigate/understand for each of those components, then how they interact with the vehicle...

My wife reached out her hand and touched mine, and with the most honest and sincere look on her face said

"Dude, your job SUCKS!!!"


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  2. LOL, just love marital honesty.

    (I can spell, occasionally.)