Sunday, April 11, 2010

Of Agitators...

Today I am doing tech at church and we are starting a new series on the book of James. James is a very practical book of the Bible, and today part of what we are learning about is being ok with hard times in our lives, knowing that God will take care of us. He'll use it to Grow us in faith so we trust Him even more. Another part is about financial security.

This is all very applicable to me since I am dealing with both of those areas in my life right now. Yesterday I had a long list of things to do, but first I went to throw a load of laundry in. Since Anna is very close to delivery, it's hard for her to go up and down the stairs with the laundry basket, so I've taken on that responsibility. So, I turned on the washing machine and saw a blue flash. Ooooh...not cool. Well, it filled up with water, then stopped. It just stopped. No movement, no agitation. (By the way, I think it's cool that washing machines have agitators...I was always told that being an agitator was a bad thing.) Turns out, the timer was broken as well, so it actually did spin out, then promptly went to the next cycle and filled up with water again.


I let it spin out then I unplugged it before it went to the next cycle. Both the washer and dryer are old, and the timer on the dryer is broken as well, so it was time for new ones for sure. I just hadn't planned on it JUST NOW.

But, as we are learning from James, these things are ok and God is in control, even when things don't fit in MY plans. Plus, there are always good things that come out of bad.

1) This didn't happen AFTER Tigger was born when we have TONS of laundry to do.
2) This was our second set of used appliances, so it really was time for new ones.
3) We got to hang out with Dale and Sarah some more. They've been sick and we've missed them a lot. They provided the transportation for the new washer and dryer and Dale helped me get them set up. Mostly. I have the the rest to do today.
4) The set was on sale, and the store honored another store's offer for 10% off.
5) The new ones are MUCH more efficient, so hopefully our bills will go down. Or at least stay the same since we WILL be doing more laundry very soon.
6) The new washer doesn't have an agitator. I guess that's a good thing (?).

So yeah, it's a good thing. And the finances will iron out, God's in control.


Loading the new ones into the van...
They work!! Both of them!!
The old couple sitting in the garage...anyone want them?!?!

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  1. Appliances always have such good timing ;) Congratualtions on the new pair - hope to be saying that about a baby soon!!! (Though it won't be a pair of babies :D)