Tuesday, February 9, 2010



So I was (and still am) pumped about starting this running program. Problem is, I need a watch so I can time my intervals when running outside. We are trying to do the Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope system, and it works pretty well. Except that I (the spender) routinely run out of money while my wife (the saver) socks hers away in an undisclosed location and has enough for a car downpayment.

So, I told myself I would force myself to wait to buy a watch until I got the next two weeks worth of spending money instead of just busting out the debit card like I usually do. The day came, I grabbed my cash Friday morning and was Walmart bound directly after work. I was hoping to find a watch on clearance (had to be a Timex, don't ask me why because I don't know).

And find one I did. It was $15 off the original price and $10 cheaper than similar "non-clearance" models. I was PUMPED!!! There was another that I liked better, but since I paid in cash my dollars were precious to me and I refused to pay more. I was so excited about this little spending victory that I called my wife on the 3 minute drive home from Walmart.

So I got home, opened the box, and put the watch on. To my surprise and horror, the band was barely long enough to wrap around my wrist.

Yes, my friends, I had purchased a women's sports watch.

I've tried for three days to be ok with wearing it. "It's just when you work out!" "No one will notice, you didn't when you bought it." (I'm an engineer, so that's probably not a valid argument.)

I can't do it. I'm returning the watch tonight.

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