Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Engineers are normal people too...

Soooo annoyed with this class. Our teacher seriously has a god complex. Plus, that's not diet Mountain Dew he's drinking...that's the REAL stuff. Crap. Probably be here until 10PM. At least we only have one more class with him after tonight...

I have been analyzing TV shows over the last week and have come to the conclusion that Engineering is a dying profession. No kid in their right mind who watches TV is going to want to be an Engineer.

There are all of these super cool shows on TV about detectives shooting criminals, cops shooting criminals, criminals shooting criminals, criminals trying to shoot cops...

About as close as engineers come to being on TV is on the Big Bang Theory where four ubergeeks struggle to to understand how normal human beings operate. It's hilarious, but I don't know of any teenager who will watch that and think, "Wow, I want to go to college to I can be as maladjusted and socially inept as those nerds!!"

Weird Al doesn't help my cause either.

I think I should create a TV show with engineers shooting stuff. Numb3rs kind of has the right idea, but Charlie Epps doesn't shoot stuff and without his older brother being an FBI agent, the show would tank. You have to mix in the geeks with people who shoot stuff and kick ass. Oh, and the smart people better not be all pimply and look like they live in their mom's basement. They have to look HOTT, have six pack abs, and have sexy girlfriends who are willing to put up with the geek to get the goods.

Of course, I would be the star of the show.

But seriously, we need something that makes kids want to be engineers. We have to trick them into thinking that they will get to do really cool stuff, makes tons of money, and get all the hot girls. Plus occasionally they get to chase criminals, shoot guns, and blow stuff up.

We can end each show with the tagline "Be an Engineer. We are normal people too."

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  1. Hey Richard,
    I always thought engineers WERE cool. Seriously. I have always admired people who are super smart in the math and science dept.

    I guess I tend to be attracted to the geekier set. LOL! I know several nurses married to engineers and at one time I thought I might even marry one.

    TV is just one avenue were kids get ideas about jobs and careers. They learn from parents, friends, teachers, grandparents and mentors about all kinds of jobs and careers. If you mentored high school kids at your church or through some program like Big Brothers, Big Sisters you could probably influence kids to consider engineering. I sure never wanted to become a nurse based on my ideas from TV. Then again I didn't want to be a nurse in the first place. It was a stepping stone to something else that hasn't worked out yet (becoming a PA or ARNP).

    The bigger problem with kids not becoming engineers is that their math and science skills suck from the education they are getting or not getting in most public schools. That is why there are so many foreigners in the profession. You probably already knew that much. ;)

    Hope your classes are going well. It will be worth it when you are all done.