Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Nights

So, I had a dentist appointment Monday after work. What does that have to do with Wednesday nights? Well, other than having pearly whites to display in class presentations, it reminded me that I will be out of school (relatively) soon!!! The reason for the reminder was that she scheduled my 6 month checkup, and I was able to make it for WEDNESDAY in February, because I'll be DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!

But, here I am THIS Wednesday night sitting with some classmates waiting for 6PM to roll around. Not looking forward to the next 8 week class that begins tonight. From what we have heard, our teacher is a Russian lady who has no sense of humor, loves giving out busy work, and will keep us until 10PM every class. Blech. Already I've had to do 2 homework assignments for this class and turn them in...and it hasn't even officially started.

But hey, it won't last forever and I hope that International Business holds some interesting concepts for me to learn.

OH. The book. I've read the first two chapters of this book, and while it is an interesting read (for a textbook) I was shocked and disappointed to say the least when in the very first chapter he referenced (as actual footnote references) a previous work he had written, and Wikipedia. WTC!?!?! So, if he says it twice, in two different places, it must be true? I thought chapter 2 would be better, but 1 out of every 6 references were to books/papers the author had previously written. I think for this class I'm going to reference papers that I've already written.

Fun Times.

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  1. LOL, that's awesome! If I'd known referencing yourself was acceptible, college would have been much easier!